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    Practice Journal
  • Fill in "WHAT" will be practiced
  • Mark each day it is practiced
  • Have parent/guardian initial/sign it
  • Turn in every Monday
  • Scored out of 20 points
    (up to 5 points per row)
    (up to 5 points extra credit)
  • Use extra credit to make up for weeks when you just don't have much time to practice.
    Petrucci Music Library
  • Find public domain songs to play
  • Find your part to great symphonies by composers like Beethoven and Mozart.
  • If you need a challenge, this is a good place to find one.

The files below are in a password protected directory. Only parents & students of Mr. Marttila may use the username/password available through the class resource section of ParentView or StudentView. Some files contain several instrument parts in one file, so you may want to print only the pages you need.