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    Petrucci Music Library
  • Find public domain songs to play
  • Find your part to great symphonies by composers like Beethoven and Mozart.
  • If you need a challenge, this is a good place to find one.

There are all sorts of free online metronomes avaialble such as Infinite Guitar Metronome or the Trufire Metronome.

Likewise, there are countless online tuners, like the Chromatic Guitar Tuner
(Don't worry, it will tune other instruments too).

Visit the Music Animation Machine website for a free copy of the program Mr. Marttila uses to animate music. The site also has free midi files you can use to animate or you can explore other free midi files to animate. This YouTube account (smalin) has many high quality animations using live musicians rather than just midi files. The YouTube user WizardWalk also has many fine animations.

MuseScore is a free and easy to use notation program, similar to Finale Notepad, that allows you to write music and print it out.

Kristal Audio Engine is a multi-track recorder that will allow you to record yourself practicing. Listening to yourself can be be painful the first time, but it is the best way to clearly hear what you need to improve your playing.

Teoria.com is a website that can help you understand how music works.

  • If you need help reading notes, then use the Clef Reading exercises.
    (Be sure to click on your clef, and the "Note Names" button before you start)
  • If you want to try your hand at dictating rhythms, then try the Rhythmic Dictation exercises.
  • If you need help identifying key signatures then try the Key Signature Identification exercises.
If you found or know of a great web page that should have a link here just email Mr. Marttila at m@dstring.com with the web page address and why you think it should be added!